Marine Pump

Marine Pumps

  • Marine Pump
Marine Pump

Marine Pump

  • Type:Marine Pump
  • Medium:Water / Oil
  • Drive:Electric / Engine
  • Capacity:5-1000 m3/h
  • Product description: Marine Pump to transport liquid is water and by motor drive, the mechanical energy into fluid pressure energy, potential energy and kinetic energy.

Marine Pump


In order to pump water, fresh water, fuel, oil and other liquids, need for a certain amount and different types of pumps. Generally in the engine room must be set bilge pump, fuel pump and oil delivery pump, boiler feed pump, cooling pump, ballast pump, sanitary pumps and other major pumps

In the marine machinery and equipment, marine pump with large number, variety ,it is an important ship matching product. It is widely used in ship power system, fire protection system, cooling system, pressure loading system, stripping system, life security services and other special system, but also be equipped in certain auxiliary devices. Marine pumps also widely used in marine engineering equipment, docks, port terminals, etc.

Marine pump by working principle

1.Piston pump, used as hand pump and oil pump, such as bilge pump;

2 .Rotary pump, such as fuel and oil delivery pumps in engine room;

3.Centrifugal pump, such as cooling water pump in engine room, fire pump, ballast pump and daily fresh water pump, etc.

4.Jet pump, commonly used as cabin bilge pump.

Pump is usually expressed in the following parameters: displacement; head; power and efficiency; speed; drive mode

Marine Pump Classification

1.Marine power plant pump

Fuel pump, lubricating oil pump, sea water pump, fresh water pump, steering gear or other hydraulic deck machinery hydraulic pump, boiler device pump, cooling water pump, sea water desalination device water pump and condensate pump.

2.Marine general pump

Bilge pump, ballast pump, fire pump, daily fresh water pump, daily sea water pump, hot water circulation pump , general pump with function of fire protection, bilge ,ballast.

3.Special ship pump

Some special purpose ship, also has special operation requirements pump, such as oil tanker cargo oil pump, dredger mud pump, salvage ship salvage pump, jet propulsion ship water boost pump, no net fishing ship fishing pump.

Marine Pump Application Marine Pump Structure
Fuel pump Gear pump
Lubricating oil pump Single screw pump
Sea water pump Double screw pump
Fresh water pump Three screw pump
Hydraulic pump Self priming pump
Boiler feed pump Double suction pump
Cooling water pump Horizontal centrifugal pump
Seawater desalination plant pump Vertical centrifugal pump
Condensate pump Vortex pump
Bilge pump Jet pump
Ballast pump
Fire pump
Sewage pump
Daily fresh water pump
Daily Sea water pump
Hot water circulating pump


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