Marine Valve

Marine Valve Standard

  • Marine Valve
Marine Valve

Marine Valve

  • Type:Marine Use
  • Material:Steel/ brass/stainless steel
  • Medium:Water/ Oil
  • DN:5-600mm
  • Product description: Marine valve is the equipment for controlling pressure, flow rate and flow direction of the fluid in pipeline in ship.

Marine Valve


Marine Valve is equipment for controlling the pressure, flow rate and flow direction of fluid in the pipeline of ship. Have GB,CB,JIS,DIN standard. Body material can be cast steel, cast iron, bronze, brass, stainless steel.Widely use one ship are globe valve, check valve and stop check valve

 Main type of marine valve

Marine Globe valve

Marine globe valve is kind of valve clack move along the center line of valve seat. The main application is ship manufacturing. There are remarkable achievements in the corrosion resistance of seawater. Mainly stainless steel marine globe valve and brass marine globe valve, etc

Marine Check valve

Check valve can control the working medium flow only along one direction, when the working medium reflux, it can automatically shut down. Check valve is only installed in a single direction flow of the working medium. 

Marine Gate valve

Marine gate valve is suitable for occasions where the flow resistance is small, medium pressure is not large, and the pipeline of large diameter, such as sea water, fresh water, fuel oil and lubricating oil, etc. The material of the gate valve is cast iron, cast steel and brass.

 Marine valves appliciation

Including inhaled outboard water suction sea valve; broadside drain valve; deck drainage valve; cold storage and refrigeration system with pilot valve, main valve, thermal expansion valve, evaporator pressure regulating valve, suction pressure regulating valve, water quantity regulating valve, cargo oil system oil valve, isolation valve, respiration valve, high pressure pipeline use safety valve and so on.

Main and auxiliary boiler, also equipped with a variety of marine valve. According to the shape has plate valve, disc valve, ring valve, hammer valve, conical valve, wedge valve, butterfly valve, plug valve, piston valve, screw valve, etc.


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