Marine Winch,Mooring Winch

Mooring Winch

  • Marine Mooring Winch
Marine Mooring Winch

Marine Mooring Winch

  • Use:Ship Mooring
  • Installation: Ship Deck
  • Drive : Hydraulic / Electric
  • Single/Double Rope Drum
  • Product description: Marine Mooring Winch installed on the ship main deck,use for ship mooring, hoisting underwater equipment, and engineering position.

Marine Mooring Winch


Use wire rope or chain lifting or pulling heavy loads of small light lifting equipment winding drum.Winch as ship bow mooring rope twist is by the winch drum combine on windlass, some large ship at the bow designed special mooring winch; middle of ship mooring rope twist by vice winch drum, some large ships also dedicated mooring winch in middle; on stern deck is another mooring winch or mooring capstan.


Mooring winch installed on the ship bow and stern main deck,use for ship hoisting underwater equipment, floating box and engineering operation equipment.

Marine Lifting winch Can as Hoisting Winch, mooring winch, explosion proof winch. ship set sail or hauling, ship suspended anchor, tightening rope positioning, as ship mooring safety equipment

Enigineering mooring winch used in dredger, crane ship, Geotextiles laying vessel , installed in the ship bow and stern main deck.


Double Electric Mooring Winch Marine Electric Combined Winch
Double Hydraulic Mooring Winch Marine Hydraulic Combined Winch
Electric Mooring Winch Marine Eletric Winch
Hydraulic Mooring Winch Marine Hydraulic Winch
Engineering Towing Winch Marine Towing winch
Fishing Boat Winch Marine Friction Winch
Fishing Net Winch Marine Explosion-proof Winch
Multipurpose Hydraulic Mooring Winch Multipurpose Electric Mooring Winch


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