Marine Liferaft,Marine Life Raft

Marine Liferaft

  • Marine Liferaft
Marine Liferaft

Marine Liferaft

  • Type:Marine use
  • Application:Life saving
  • Capacity:6-25 persons
  • .Structure: inflatable raft and rigid raft;
  • Product description: Marine Liferaft for person emergency evacuation from danger zone or ship,also as flood prevention special equipment.

Marine Liferaft


life raft can maintain persons in distress when abandon ship. The equipment for person emergency evacuation from danger zone or ship. life raft light weight, small storage size, easy maintenance, good economy.

The life raft bow with cable, connect the raft and fixtures. life raft keeping normal floating state in the condition of fully rated crew and all equipment. liferaft should be divided into at least two independent air chambers, floating tyre settings should stretch one tyre damaged, the life raft can still normal use.

Technical requirement 

1, Quality: hanging raft, raft and other containers total weight not more than 185kg.

2, The crew capacity: more than 6 people, less than 25 people.

3, Stability: life rafts in the waves should be stable; in the static water at non floating should be able a person make right

4, Strength: at least able to withstand the towing speed of 3kn, from 18m height dropped not damaged. Float, able to withstand repeated tic 4.5m height; hanging type liferaft fully capacity, raft hull should be able to withstand not less than 3.5m/s speed of lateral collision and under 4 times full load intensity.

Liferaft Storage and Arrangement

Liferaft usually packaging and storage in glass steel storage barrel, liferaft installed in ship special frame, the raft directly thrown into the water, life raft can automatically inflated forming for the distress personnel to take, if the ship is sinking too fast to raft tossed into the water,when the ship sank in the water under a certain depth and liferaft rack hydrostatic release liferaft automatically.

Liferaft Classification

1.Structure: inflatable raft and rigid raft;

2.Into water way: throwing type life raft and davit launched life raft.

3.Application: high speed ship using the open inflatable life raft, fishing inflatable liferaft, passenger boat self righting liferaft, canopy reverse life raft,.


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