Marine Crane

Marine Crane

  • Marine Crane
Marine Crane

Marine Crane

  • Type:Marine crane
  • Use:On ships
  • Drive : Hydraulic / Electric
  • Installation: Vessel main deck
  • Product description: Marine Crane is a large deck machinery on board, which widely used in the ship to loading food, fuel, tools,oil, oil hose, dirty oil, food, spare parts etc

Marine Crane

Working principle

Marine crane consist: motor, reducer, clutch, brake, rope and wire rope, etc.Two gear reducer integrate with motor, the clutch, brake with cylinder a assembly. The frame is composed by screw, nut ,pillar ,rotating arm. Rotating arm can rotate 360 degrees in the main rod, at the end of arm is provided with travel switch to prevent wrong operation or button failure caused a the lifting accident. Starter of the operating button realize motor positive inversion can let rope roll or release, and via the bracket part lifting pulley, decentralization of object to complete the lifting operation.

Marine crane introduce

Hydraulic slewing crane(include oil hose crane, cargo crane, hydraulic slewing crane ,electric slewing crane ) the most widely used, can be used alone or in pairs in the starboard operation. The weight is generally 3 ~ 5 tons. The multipurpose ship, requirements single crane can lift a 20 foot container, double crane can lift a 40 foot container (30 tons). The weight of up to 25 ~ 30 tons.

While the shipboard heeled not more than 5° and trimed not more than 2°, the crane can normally work.Normal lifting capacity for this kind of crane is from 20t to 40t. Max.hoisting speed at SWL is between 10m/min and 20m/min. Other specification can be done on request.

Marine telescope crane and marine boom kunckle crane has compact structure and can reduce the occupied area of platform and ship. At the same time, hanging arm operation is flexible and changeable, when not equipment wire rope hook can touch to the surface of sea, can be used for loading and unloading precision instruments, widely used in fishing boat, ship detection, engineering ships, naval ships and special ships.

Marine Crane Aapplication

ainly used for scientific research ship, patrol boats, fishing boats, tugs with small space, also use for ships supplement food, fuel, tools and ifting ships’ -- oil, oil hose, dirty oil, food, spare parts etc

Marine Crane Classification

Fishing Kunckle Crane Marine Hydraulic Slewing Crane
Fuel Oil Hose Crane Marine Hydraulic Telescope Crane
Marine Cargo Crane Marine Knuckleboom Crane
Marine electric boom crane Marine Kunckle Crane
Marine Electric Slewing Crane Marine Suez crane
Marine Hose crane Marine Telescope Crane
Marine Hydraulic Crane Marine Pneumatic Garbage crane


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