Marine Cable

Marine Power Cable

  • Marine Cable
Marine Cable

Marine Cable

  • Use:Ship/Oil platform
  • Application:power,light, control system
  • Standard:IEC
  • Temperature 90℃
  • Product description: Marine Cable for ships and marine petroleum platform construction on water power, lighting and general control wire and cable.

Marine Cable


Marine cable is for all kinds of ships and marine petroleum platform construction on water power, lighting and general control wire and cable.

Implementation criteria: marine power cable execution standard: IEC60092-350, IEC60092-353 or GB9331-88

The main parameters of marine power cable are model, number of cores, combustion characteristics, rated voltage, temperature, nominal section area and so on.

Classification: Marine power cable,Marine control cable,Marine communication cable

Marine power cable

For all kinds of ship, offshore oil platforms on water buildings lighting and general control purposes. Power cable is used for transmission and distribution of high power cable electrical energy in the main line of power system, including 1-500KV and above voltage level, all kinds of insulated power cable.

The basic structure of power cable is composed of four parts, which are the core, the insulation layer, the shield layer and the protective layer.

Core of electric cable, used to transport electrical energy, and is a major part of power cable.

Insulation layer: Isolate cable more with earth and other phase cable core, to ensure the power transmission, is an indispensable part of power cable structure.

Shielding layer: 15KV and above power cable generally have a conductor shield and insulation shielding layer.

Protective layer: the role is to protect power cable from external impurities and moisture intrusion, as well as to prevent external force direct damage to power cable external.

Marine control cable

For all kinds of ships and offshore oil platforms and other on water buildings general control purposes.PVC insulated, PVC sheathed control cables ,AC rated voltage 450/750 volts for control and protection circuits, etc.

Performance characteristics

1. DC resistance: 20℃, 0.4mm copper wire, less than or equal to 148Ω/km, 0.5mm copper wire, less than or equal to 95Ω/km.

2. Insulation electrical strength: 1kV 1min between the conductor does not breakdown ,3KV 1min between the shield does not breakdown

3. Insulation resistance: each core wire and the rest wire grounding, control cable is greater than 10000 MΩ, HYAT cable is greater than 3000 MΩ.

4. Working capacity: average value is 52 + 2nF/km

5. Distal crosstalk ratio: the specified 150kHZ combination of average power value is greater than 69dB/km.

Marine communication cable

used in all kinds of communication, electronic computer, information processing equipment signal transmission and control system. It has the advantages of high communication capacity, high transmission stability, good secrecy, less natural conditions and external interference.

Communication cable is classified as follows:

1, single wire: refers to the most primitive communication cable, single wire loop, to the earth as a return line.

2, Symmetrical cable: two same wire in the ideal condition make a loop.

3, Coaxial cable: in the same axis of inner and outer two conductor loop, outer conductor surround inner conductor, and both insulation.

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