Marine Anchor

Marine Anchor

  • Marine Anchor
Marine Anchor

Marine Anchor

  • Type:Marine use
  • 2. Model: High holding anchor , Welded anchor , Casting anchor
  • 3. Type: Stockless anchor
  • 4. Use: bow anchor or stern anchor
  • Product description: Marine Anchor quickly gnaw into the subsoil providing grip strength, through the top anchor chain or cable, will positon the ship or other floating system in the predetermined area.

Marine Anchor


Anchor is one of the main parts of mooring bollard force. The shape of anchor is special, usually made of forged steel or cast steel. Consists of anchor body and anchor bar, anchor body consists by anchor shackle, anchor crown, anchor shank, anchor fluke.

Fluke is the most important part of into earth, when the ship set anchor, anchor sinking to the bottom of traction towing by anchor chain. At the bottom of water, because effects of anchor shank, anchor wrist plane be perpendicular to the plane of bottom, anchor fluke will contact with subsoil.

Anchor Selection 

The number and weight of anchor in ship according to the number outfitting equipment, or according to the ship's displacement, wind area on water, attachment resistance, anchoring depth and length of anchor chain. Sea ship with two main anchor, one spare anchor and a stern anchor.

Breif introduce

Various of anchor. According to structure and application can classify into stock anchor, stockless anchor ,high holding power anchor. Commercial vessel normally use stockless anchor as bow anchor, but stern anchor use stock anchor or danforth anchor

Stock anchor

With simple structure, high holding/weight ratio (4-8 normally, max can be 12) and holding stable advance. But hard to anchoring and recycle. anchor fluke swivel easy foul anchor chain or brake vessel bottom.

Stockless anchor

Anchor head and shank cast separate, no rail. Two anchor claw into soil , holding/weight ratio 2.5-4, max over 8. With simple structre, easy anchoring and recycle, good to be bow anchor.

Hall anchor, SPEK anchor, JIS stockless Anchor

High holding Anchor

Advantage: Anchor claw wide and long, deep into soil ,high stable ,high holding/weight ratio

Stock High holding Anchor: Danforth Anchor, Stevpris Anchor

Stockless High holding Anchor:AC-14 anchor, Pool Anchor

Anchor Classification

Bow anchor High Holding Power Anchor
CB711-95 SPEK Anchor AC-14 High Holding Power Anchor
M SPEK Anchor AC-14 SB Full Balance High Holding Power Anchor
SR SPEK Anchor High Holding Power Matrosow Anchor
GB/T545-1996 Admiralty Anchor Danforth High Holding Power Anchor
U.S.N Stockless Anchor Delta High Holding Power Anchor
A,B,C type Hall Anchor MK3,MK5,MK6 Stevin High Holding Power Anchor
JIS Stockless Anchor
DONE Anchor
TW Bower Anchor
N Bower Anchor
Baldt Stockless Anchor

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