Marine A60 Fireproof Gastight Door

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  • Marine A60 Fireproof Gastight Door
Marine A60 Fireproof Gastight Door

Marine A60 Fireproof Gastight Door

  • Material:Steel
  • Handle:Hand lever
  • Tightness: Gastight
  • Fireproof: A60
  • Product description: Marine A60 Fireproof Gastight Door applicable for passage way of fireprotection area class A division and other place, steel and stainless steel can be used as material.

Marine A60 Fireproof Gastight Door


Fireproof door is a kind of steel plate made of door and door frame, and mosaic asbestos and other refractory materials of fire prevention. Installed on the fire control area of the bulkhead, normally open; when the fire occurs, the temperature rises to a certain value the door can be closed automatically, or gate is arranged on the pinned magnetic device, off the power door will automatically close. Fire doors in the channel are required to be self closed, when the temperature exceeds 90 degrees can be automatically shut down to prevent the spread of fire.


Fireproof doors are provided with fire protection equipment on fire resistant doors. It has an equivalent fire separation effect with the bulkhead. Ship construction codes are.


The average temperature of the back side of fire is not more than 140C, the back of any point of the temperature rise does not exceed 180C.A60 means can stand 60 minutes.

A60 class fire resistant separation to prevent smoke and flame through, there is a high temperature density requirements.

A60 Fireproof Gastight Door Model 

type B*H B1*H1 B2*H2
A60  600x1600  705x1705  750x1750 
650x1650  755x1755  800x1800 
700x1700  805x1805  850x1850 
800x1800  905x1905  950x1950 
850x1850  955x1955  1000x2000 


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