Inflatable Yacht Liferaft

Marine Liferaft

  • Inflatable Yacht Liferaft
Inflatable Yacht Liferaft

Inflatable Yacht Liferaft

  • Landing: Throw over /Davit
  • Capacity: 4-10 persons
  • Structure: Inflatable liferaft
  • Standard: SOLAS
  • Product description: Inflatable Yacht Liferaft can maintain persons in distress when abandon ship.

Inflatable Yacht Liferaft


Life raft is ship equipped for an emergency out of the danger zone or the wrecked ship emergency evacuation rescue facilities and equipment, as flood prevention special equipment.The total weight of the liferaft should not exceed 185kg. Appearance should be symmetrical, uniform color, shall not affect the use of glue, separation, bubbles and other defects, in - 10 ~ +65℃ ambient storage without damage, and can be used in -1~+30℃water temperature range.

Technical specification

The storage of life raft should be able to person release, when liferaft free from fixed system. Each life raft storage, shall be provided a free floating device, so that each can life raft free floating, when ship sinking can automatically inflate. There should be no deck covering above the storage place of life raft, to not affect the free float of life raft when ship is sinking.

Unless transfer facilities are set up, the life raft should be kept in the range of lifting hook, and the arrangement should enable all the passengers to board liferaft quickly.

For throwing outboard landing raft storage, should be able to easily transfer to any shipboard landing, otherwise it should increase the liferaft total capacity per shipboard.


ISO 9650-1:2005(E) & ISO 9650-3:2005(E) ,

ISO 9650-2:2005(E) & ISO 9650-3:2005(E)

Inflatable Yacht Liferaft Model

Model Capacity Weight(kg) Dimension: Length*Width*Height(mm)
(person) Canister Valise Canister Valise
F-YT4(I) 4 51 41 780×535×360 730×480×360
F-YT6(I) 6 66 49 780×535×390 740×490×400
F-YT8(I) 8 74 60 880×630×350 780×520×360
F-YT10(I) 10 88 71 880×630×380 800×540×360
F-YT12(I) 12 95 79 880×630×470 860×600×460
F-YT4(II) 4 34 24 730×485×280 600×430×280
F-YT6(II) 6 40 29 730×485×300 650×450×320
F-YT8(II) 8 50 33 780×530×390 700×480×320
F-YT10(II) 10 52 36 780×535×390 750×480×340


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