Rubber Fender

Rubber Fenders

  • Rubber Fender
Rubber Fender

Rubber Fender

  • Use:elastic buffer device
  • Apply:slow ship and dock impact
  • Install:Dock, Tugboat
  • Type:Solid rubber fender,Floating rubber fender
  • Product description: Rubber Fender is an elastic buffer device of rubber use of ships dock edge

Rubber Fender


Fender is an elastic buffer device of rubber use of ships dock edge. Mainly used to slow the ship and dock impact, or between ships in dock impact, or mooring process impact, to prevent or eliminate damage to a ship or dock.

Rated compression deflection:52.5%, 72.5%

Usually the rubber fender according to the structure can be divided into two categories: solid rubber fender and floating type rubber fender.

Solid Rubber 

Solid rubber fender dock ship application long history and wide range of anti-collision equipment. Can be divided according to the rubber fender force to shear, rotation and compression type and so on; according to the fender structure, solid rubber fender can be classified as type D type, Cone type, drum type, fan-shaped, rectangular type, cylinder fender and so on.

Solid rubber fender with high energy absorption and reaction force, and has low cost, long service life, easy installation and maintenance advantages, dock, dock installed more protective device.

 Floating Rubber Fender

Floating type rubber fender is newer protecting shipboard equipment, solid rubber fender relative than its main features are: large compressive deformation energy absorption, low reaction force, since floating, easy installation, etc. and for and. Due to its self-flotation characteristics  especially suitable for large changes in the terminal installation in tide.

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