Marine Bow Thruster

Marine Bow Thruster

  • Marine Bow Thruster
Marine Bow Thruster

Marine Bow Thruster

  • Installation: Ship Bow
  • Power:50KW-2000KW
  • Drive : Hydraulic / Electric/Engine
  • Propeller dia:500mm-2000mm
  • Product description: When the ship is docking or steering ,bow thruster can be used as an auxiliary propulsion to improve the maneuverability of the ship.

Marine Bow Thruster


The ship into port speed decreased gradually, steering rudder transshipment force decreases, the ability to control the heading becomes worse. bow thruster can adjust the heading of ship at dock terminal when lateral movement, adjust the channel from the low-speed navigation, reversing the process of ship bow deflection inhibition. bow thruster also called transverse rudder, is installed in the ship bow or stern lowest, when ship sailing at a low speed coordinate rudder blade steering.

The bow thruster, is a special propeller mounted on the head of the ship. It is used to improve the maneuverability of ships. Bow thrust cabin, which is used at the base of bulbous bow to install bow thruster so that the ship can swing from side to side, is very useful in docking. If there is no bow thruster, port tugboat is needed to assist docking. If there is bow thruster, the captain can dock by himself, which can save a lot of money.

Working principle

Bow thruster is use the propeller rotation in the water flow to generating thrust, so that the thrust direction of the vertical hull small plane, forming a lateral thrust. General tunnel type propulsion thruster, using the layout of the propeller in the horizontal pipe to produce thrust to achieve ship change heading direction.


Special Vessel: Engineering vessel, RORO vessel, Container tank, Ferry and Tugboat etc ,to improve self manipulation capacity.

In offshore engineering ships, bow thruster is usually installed on the bow side, there are also tail side thruster, if there is no DP positioning requirements for the bow to install a side thruster is enough, if there is DP2 requirements, the bow to install two side thruster, the tail should also have a side push to meet redundant requirements.


Electric Bow thruster

Drive by Electric motor drive(Voltage 380V,415V,440V) , It is widely installation of bow thruster. Electric motor environment friendly, much less gas pollution discharge. Also with much higher efficiency ,max can be 95% used.

Propeller divided fixed pitch bow thruster and controllable pitch bow thruster

Hydraulic Bow thruster

Drive by hydraulic motor, power supply from hydraulic pack. Hydraulic motor compare with electric motor has much smaller dimension, can save a lot of space.

Engine Bow thruster

Through marine engine with gearbox ,connect bow thruster coupling. Compact structure fit to bow thruster room small vessel. The installation can have L drive and Z dirve.


Fixed pitch propeller tunnel thruster parameters
Model FP-500 FP-600 FP-700 FP-800 FP-900 FP-1000 FP-1100 FP-1300 FP-1480 FP-1650
Max input power 63/72 90/105 135/165 180/190 200/235 280/290 315/340 445/480 560/620 680/730
Ratio 1.52 2.071 2.07 2.417 2.42 3.09 3.09 3.78 4.364 4.73
Max input torque 600 900 900 1400 1400 2100 2100 3000 3800 4500
Max input speed 1450/1750 1450/1750 1450/1750 1450/1750 1450/1750 1450/1750 1450/1750 1450/1750 1450/1750 1450/1750
Propeller speed 954/1151 700/845 700/845 600/724 600/724 469.1/566 469.1/566 384/463 332.3/401 307/370
Propeller diameter 500 600 700 800 900 1000 1100 1300 1480 1650
Max thrust 10/11.2 14.5/16.3 20/24.8 29.5/30.5 31/35.4 43/45.2 49/53.8 67/73 88/95 105/110
Cylinder length 600 800 800 920 920 1045 1045 1190 1320 1446
Cylinder internal 515 615 715 818 918 1020 1120 1328 1510 1680


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