Marine Anchor chain, Mooring Anchor chain

Marine Anchor Chain

  • Anchor chain
Anchor chain

Anchor chain

  • Application:Marine /mooring
  • Model: welded chain
  • Type: Studlink chain
  • set and suspend anchor
  • Product description: Anchor chain is mainly used for connecting anchor and ship hull, transfer anchor grasping force.Use for vessels and oil platform.

Anchor chain


Chain is connected anchor and hull rope chain, is mainly used to deliver the anchor grasping force, to offset the external force for the ship's role to ensure that the ship can be safely parked in designated waters. When ship mooring through appropriate of chain length, lying part of anchor chain at seabed make grasping force generated by the friction with the bottom contact.

Anchor chain consists of common link, kenter shacke(joint shackle), end shackle, swivel, s, according to the structure ,anchor chain is divided into studlink anchor chain and studless anchor chain. High tensile strength of studlink anchor chain made it widely use on ships.


According to purpose: marine anchor chain and offshore mooring chains.

Marine anchor chain have 2 grade: Grade2 and Grade3

Anchor Chain Diameter:12mm-100mm

offshore mooring anchor chain have 3 grades:RQ3/NVR3,RQ3S/NVR3S,RQ4/NVR4

Anchor Chain Diameter:60mm-162mm

Technical requirement

Finished welding anchor chain tests: Breaking load test, Proof load test, mechanical property test.

Breaking load test: pick up 3 connected common links of anchor chain. Range of sampling and test load shall be in accordance with the national standard GB/25491996DE. After the test had no evidence of fracture, then the test was qualified.

Proof load test: Tensile testing done on the whole length shall be carried out in the following, each link must request pull test. After the test, with each link of surface quality inspection and measurement of the whole section of the cable length and 5 connected common links length in 10% under tension load. 5 adjacent links length should not exceed 2.5%.

Mechanical property test: Special to Grade 3 anchor chain. From each of the 4 section is not more than 27.5m long chain cut from a tensile specimen and two sets of V notch impact test specimen.

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