Technological innovation

Schottel 2016 A4 exhibition bring new product

It is reported that the German company Schottel will be a new booth image debut 2016 A4 exhibition hall 306 booth SMM. Booth's structural characteristics are ideal for displaying the information of company's new products, but also to facilitate the company's sales and service team to carry out a variety of communication and exchange.

New product design

Schottel played a new name to improve the quality of Schottel, the new name will come into effect in September 1st this year. Schottel invented the Rudder propeller (SRP) 65 years ago, the new clear product name will replace the existing product design system, more easy to identify. SMM show the audience will be able to get the information of the new system.

Electric drive

An illustrative model will show the company's latest innovations. The center position of booth is an efficient EcoPeller SCHOTTEL (SRE), which is optimized to be used in the open sea and coastal environment. SCHOTTEL rim thruster (SRT) is a space saving, light weight of propeller, can directly convert electrical energy into propulsion, does not produce transmission losses, with the minimization of noise and vibration level, ideal for ship dynamic positioning mode of operation, with good comfort.

In addition, Schottel will also show some tug model to provide ecological friendly and intuitive for customers to tug scheme.


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